About Camp Yoreh Deah

Camp Yoreh Deah

Camp Yoreh Deah is a summer bein hazmanim program designed to promote knowledge of the parts of the Torah not covered in the standard Yeshiva curriculum.

Broaden your knowledge in a relaxed, invigorating camp setting. Return to Yeshiva refreshed after a rewarding bein hazmanim.

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Camp Yoreh Deah Bochurim sitting around campfire
Camp Yoreh Deah Bochurim kashering

The Program

The camp program varies from year to year, but always centers on practical mitzvos that need to be learned through instruction. This includes much of meleches Shabbos, shatnez, identifying kosher birds, bugs, shechita, safrus, you get it! Visits by world renowned experts. Learn the relevant sugyos in morning seder and practice related skills in the afternoon. Don’t forget swimming, kumzitzes, bonfires, trips and hikes!

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Camp Yoreh Deah is located on a gorgeous two hundred acre campus in High View West Virginia. All amenities are located on grounds. Forests, lakes, courts, fields and pools. It’s all there.

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Camp Yoreh Deah in High View West Virginia
Camp Yoreh Deah Bochurim learning about teffilin

What will you learn

A whole lot!
Shechita and safrus, wine and matzah, nikkur, cheese, shatnez, tolaim, eiruv, mikvaos, shavers, shiluach hakan, cholov Yisrael, spinning, wool, weaving and more! Over 150 topics covered in a four-year rotation.

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