Camp Yoreh Deah staff are exceptionally talented bnei Torah. Our Rabbeim are brimming with knowledge on a wide range of Torah-topics and love to share! Our counselors are geshmak and build a real kesher with each camper.

Apply to be a staff member at Camp Yoreh Deah

Rabbi Avrohom Reit


Rabbi Chaim Loike


R' Yisroel Sorscher

Mesivta Program Coordinator

R' Chaim Kirshbaum

Mechina Program Coordinator

R' Aharon Yoel Reit

Rebbe, 9th grade

R' Yosef Reit

Rebbe, 10th grade

R' Dovid Hilman

Rebbe, 11th grade

R' Yehuda Leib Scheiner

Rebbe, 12th grade

R' Yaakov Goldberg

Rebbe, Mechina Program

R' Sruly Kranczer